billed monthly or quarterly; more suitable for clients interested in outsourcing certain functions and general responsibilities such as CFO, COO and strategy roles rather than specific tasks


billed weekly at a predetermined rate based on project complexity; more suitable for clients with very specific parameters and limitations

Project Based

billed weekly; more suitable for one-time projects with definable completion dates and outcomes

Fee Based

predominately cash based payment schedule; more suitable for clients that prefer a fixed cost over a variable cost structure


in lieu of a flat fee, some clients choose to forego cash outlays and pay TC2 a percentage of EBITDA or revenue; more suitable for clients who desire real-time availability and accessibility but have other immediate uses for their cash flow; these clients are attracted to the lack of cash payments and alignment of profitability goals / outcomes


many clients prefer fixed cost advantages but also like an alignment of profitability and growth goals; TC2 offers these clients the option of a minimum cash fee and a partnership arrangement based on a percentage of EBITDA or revenue